In our many years of experience, we have accomplished many tasks, developed new skill sets, and proven we are well-equipped to preform many tasks. Well, what sorts of experience do we have? Here’s just a few of our more recent accomplishments:

  1. Barnes and Nobles in Mayfaire Centre
    Barnes and Noble - Computer Repair Wilmington NCUpgraded the Wilmington Store to have the Nook area. We did the data cabling, installed the Cisco switch, and installed all of the POS equipment you see around the center “Mushroom” as they called it. We also wired up their POS and printers in the front support counter, which occurred in preparation for the installation of the Nook area. We also ran new voice lines for the phones that were needed in the Nook area.
  2. PNC Banks from Fayetteville to New Burn and Raleigh to Carolina Beach NC
    PNC Bank - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe provided services for the RBC to PNC conversions including installing new PCs, configuring and validating them. We also setup and validated their new VOIP systems and printers. We diagnosed and repaired networking issues. We have installed new network jacks and fixed existing but broken drops.
  3. Fuzzy Peach
    Fuzzy Peach - Computer Repair Wilmington NCInstalled Networks, Setup Remote access for DVRs, install sound systems, and diagnose POS terminal issues.
  4. Physician’s Alliance
    Physician's Assistant Mental Health - Computer Repair Wilmington NCProvide complete network and connectivity services for all 3 locations. We also provided them a custom inexpensive solution to meet their need for higher bandwidth internet services without using an expensive T1.
  5. Red Roof Inn
    Red Roof Inn - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe diagnosed their Wireless internet connectivity issues and provided practical solutions to provide full wireless coverage for their customers.
  6. First Bank
    First Bank VA - Computer Repair Wilmington NCRepaired bad network drop behind teller line.
  7. BB&T ATM
    BB&T Computer Repair Wilmington NCRepaired connectivity of the ATM which was due to a downed embedded network router.
  8. Office Depot
    Office Depot - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe ran new data cabling for their self-serve copiers in the print center. We also upgraded the Vivo Pay pads at all the POS terminals.
  9. Staples
    Staples - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe ran a new data cable from the network room to the their POS terminals.
  10. Coastal Urge
    Coastal Urge - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe provide all their Network and Computer Support Services.
  11. Restaurants
    Restaurants - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe provide tech support for the POS systems, data and voice networks, audio systems, drive-thru intercom systems, DVR systems, and much more for numerous restaurant locations around Wilmington including Hibachi Grill, The Pour House, Dixie Grill, Nick’s Diner, Fuzzy Peach, Catch, King Neptunes, Bento Box, Tokyo 101, Hang 10 Grill, Magnolia Greens Pro Shop, Gianni’s, Pizettas, Joyner Marina, Bon Appetit, Islands Grill, Sharp Shooters, and Sienna’s, just to name a few.
  12. QuickLube
    Burgaw Quicklube - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe repair their systems and provide all their tech support.
  13. Disability Resource Center
    Disability Resource Center - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe repaired their improperly wired network and ran multiple new drops for additional computer systems.
  14. Global Test Supply
    Global Test Supply - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe have ran numerous voice and data lines for their systems. We also completely re-wired and cleaned up their network closet.
  15. GNC
    GNC - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe setup their network as well as pr0vide IT support. We also configured their DVR camera system for internet accessibility.
  16. Coldwater Creek
    Coldwater Creek - Computer Repair Wilmington NCWe provided services for their MPLS T1 conversion.