Virus Removal ServiceThere are so many different ways your computer can be compromised these days. If your computer is running really slow or sending you to lots of ads instead of what you clicked on, it’s likely you are infected.

Complete Removal

We remove all viruses, trojans, and root-kits quickly and reliably. How is our repair reliable? We fix all the problems that the virus creates. Many viruses will hide your data, corrupt Windows, and cause issues with internet connectivity. We fix all these issues before getting the PC back to you.

No Charge for Backups

If necessary, we will backup and even recover all your data without additional charge, restoring it back to the system after cleaning is complete.

Free Protection Provided

By default we install an antivirus on your computer. If requested, we will install a complete Internet Security Suite for free.

Cleaning Included

We also clean out the unneeded and unused programs that are slowing down your PC, helping your PC free up resources and run faster.

So bring your computer or laptop to us now for a through cleaning!