How was our service? Are you happy with the services you received from Excessive Computing? Or was something wrong and you’re not 100% happy for some reason? Please call us and we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% happy.

Mark. G.
“An artist with circuit boards! Able to replace components on the circuit board instead of trashing the whole board. This saves money. Custom builds, sets up and networks my office computers. I’m very pleased.”
Gladys. M.
“I’m so excited! I’m ready to work like a pro! You’re so easy to understand!”
And a few days later: “I’m so enthused! I did a wonderful document and organized my photos. That was exactly what exactly what I needed.”
– This was all in reference to a training session.
Charles. C.
“Does good work and is reasonable. Have not found anything that he cant handle. Would recommend to anyone.”
Chris. A.
“Excessive Computing has helped me tremendously! They manage my website, put my computer back together after I drive it into the ground. They keep me updated with the newest anti-virus applications – these guys are lifesavers. I couldn’t operate without them.”
Bob. H.
“You are the third PC guy we’ve had work on our computer, and you’re the only one that figured out what was wrong. The others charged us a lot more and didn’t fix the problem. We really appreciate it!”
Doug. T.
“You did exactly what I wanted, thank you!” and also “You did a really great job on my laptop!”
Frankie. S.
“You did an excellent job on the computer! It’s working beautifully!”
Quicklube “We really appreciate you working on this.” (In reference to work done while my family was waiting because we were on our way out of town, but this new client needed his PC to work so he could invoice customers!)
Tom. N “The PC’s working great now!” (This was about a machine with so many trojans and rootkits it wouldn’t boot, and was fixed without reinstalling Windows!)
Filipe. F “___ was right, you are good!”