Network Services Diagnostics RepairsNetworks are the infrastructure on which nearly all data travels and most companies rely on their network for everything from data backups to their day to day business work and financials. When it’s not working properly, your company is loosing money. We can get everything up and running the way you want: Reliable and Fast .

Cat5e and Cat6 Cable Runs, Network Installation, Diagnostics, and Repairs

We can install your new voice or data network as well as add jacks for existing networks. If you’re having connectivity issues, we also diagnose and repair obscure and intermittent issues that may be plaguing your business.

Telephone Systems Installed, Diagnosed, & Repaired

Every business has a phone system, but who do you call to service it? If you call AT&T the charges will be outrageous, and Time Warner won’t touch you internal phone system, but who else does phone systems? We do. Whether you simply want another phone jack, need a full fledged voice-mail system, or are interested in saving costs with VOIP, we can provide the solutions you need.

Hardware Routers, Firewalls, VPNs, Switches, Hubs, etc. Installed Diagnosed, and Repaired

Installing new, upgrading existing, or expanding your network can be a monstrous task. Let our experienced technicians and engineers handle the process for you.

Secure WiFi Installation & Expanded Coverage Solutions

WiFi can be tricky to get setup and working properly in large environments, especially if your building is constructed with concrete. Let our experience in this field assist you in providing full coverage for your buildings.

Networked Printers, and Network Storage Setup and Management

New network printers, network storage, and fax machines are often setup incorrectly on your network and will result in them being offline on occasion. Let us set them up properly.

Off-Site Backup Solutions

Your data is immensely important for the continued operation of your business. We highly recommend off-site backup solutions. Our low-cost solutions can provide the peace of mind you need for your business.

System Locks, Steady State, and Network Security
Telephone System Connections, Demarc Extensions, and Service Switchovers
Telephone & Network Diagnostics and Repair