Business IT Support ServiceBusinesses these days utilize technology more and more. If you find yourself in a place where you are having trouble managing your business technology needs, call us! We can take care of all your technical needs and resolve all your problems while saving you money!

Consultations and Informed Technical Solutions

Most businesses these days don’t have an official tech on payroll, and look to the resident “knowledgeable” person in the office to take care of problems. That works fine, until you encounter issues they don’t understand. That’s where we come in. We can consult with you about your business needs and help you get everything running fast, smoothly, and improve your company’s productivity. We will look over your existing systems, listen to your problems or needs, and give you solutions and quotes for all your IT needs.

Computer and Network Support

Whether your small business needs a new network, better wireless coverage, computers repaired, printers moved, fax machines installed or moved, new network jacks installed, whatever it is, we will provide you top grade services with rock bottom costs.

Telephone Support

Who do you use for your phones? How much are you paying? Do you need to reduce costs? Do you want more phone system features such as an automated attendant, individual voice-mail boxes for different employees, more phones? Let us come in, analyze what you have, and give you a quote for our services. We can likely save you a bundle!

POS Point of Sales Support

Is your business retail sales or a restaurant? Who do you use for your POS system? How do you like it? Is it fast and does it have all the features you want? How much did you pay for it? How much do you pay in annual service contracts? How quickly do they respond? How do they handle billing? Do they charge you for warranty work? Are they honest and have integrity? If you’re starting a new restaurant or unsatisfied with you existing POS system, please give us a call. We will look it over and give you a quote for conversion. We guarantee you will be happier with us than your current POS provider.