Backing Up Your Data Using Online Backup Providers Explored

Hang onto your hat, cause it’s about to get a little technical…

Using an online service to backup your data is potentially a great, easy way to keep your data backed up. However, if you work on your data often, and those files are large, then your backup solution could be slowing down your internet, or even failing to fully backup.

Why does this happen? Because Most of the backup solutions have to re-backup the ENTIRE file, even if you change just one character of text in a 20MB Photoshop or illustrator file. Most backup software doesn’t care, it just uploads that whole file, fully utilizing up your upload bandwidth for a while. What if you’re a restaurant or retail sales store? Your database is huge, often 500MB or more. That would take you More than all night to upload with DSL. This is why we do NOT recommend Carbonite to them, nor most of the other online backup solutions; they’re just not adequate for professionals.

What’s the solution? A backup service that utilizes a technology called Delta Encoding. What is Delta Encoding? Basically it is a part of the program in a backup system that analyzes the file that you altered, and ONLY uploads the CHANGED portion of that file. So in the example above with the graphics file, you would only upload a few bytes of data, those bytes that changed, versus the whole 20MB. So if you work with databases that are in the gigabytes, you absolutely require Delta Encoding equipped online backup software.

At Excessive Computing, we provide online backup solutions that utilize delta encoding. Our backups will save you time backing up data, and save you enormous bandwidth on your internet connections.