Our computer repair services extend far beyond basic PC repair; we provide complete computer and IT repairs and services for businesses as well.

We wire Alpharetta, GA Offices for Computer Data and Voice Networks

This includes running cabling from your networking closet to wall jacks in your Alpharetta, GA office. These network cable runs are usually in the ceiling and run in walls or down plastic wire molding. Network installation also usually includes installing a proper network patch panel, and the installation and configuration of any networking devices you may need such as routers and switches. We will connect your computers and repair any problems we find in existing Alpharetta, GA offices. We can repair existing computer networks, locate wire jacks, repair phone lines, and repair your computer.

We Install Secure Wireless Networks for your Alpharetta, GA Business Offices

Many people think installing a wireless network means plugging in a wireless router, but it’s not that simple. While you may get a wireless computer network operational that way, it will not be configured optimally and it will not be secure, so all of Alpharetta, GA may be able to use their computer on it. We will fully configure the wireless device to not interfere with existing network infrastructure, and we fully secure it with optimal configuration settings so your computer network is safe and secure. If your existing wireless is acting up, we can repair it and your computer connections.

Install and Configure Windows Business Servers

A job not for the faint, installing and properly configuring a Windows server computer requires experience. Let us setup your Alpharetta, GA Business Server computer and have your network running optimally. If you already have a server computer but things have slowed down the computer, let us evaluate your network and computer and diagnose and repair what is slowing you down.

Develop Custom Software for AlpharettaBusinesses

Sometimes businesses need custom computer solutions created. We can accommodate this need and deliver a computer software product and support you just cannot find from other Alpharetta, GA small businesses.

Much Much More!

So whether your business is just opening in a new location, moving, expanding, or experienced a computer based failure and need immediate tech support for repair, we have your IT needs covered.