Who doesn’t? And that, my friend, is the crux of the problem. How many websites are there? How many results are there on the 1st page? So you now understand why it’s virtually impossible for a small company to get top results with a generic search phrase.

That said, you can get on the first page of a search result if the search phrase is unique, or you have a unique company name. Also, it is possible to increase your “Page Ranking” (which is where your website gets put on a search result) by having a knowledgeable web designer spend at least a couple of hours working on promotion of your site and by targeting your local area. But if you want front page results on generic search terms for the whole nation, be prepared to spend a lot of time and money on your site – and even then results aren’t guaranteed and aren’t permanent. It takes constant work, there is NO quick fix.

You can however bypass the entire issue by setting up online advertising campaigns, which is probably a lot cheaper than other methods. However, do NOT be fooled: those SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) sites are NOT worth the money you pay them. Also do not be fooled: “Opt-In eMail campaigns are still SPAM!” Why? Because there are almost NO legitimate opt-in email lists. Most are fake or have no way to opt-out or are where people were fooled into opting-in. The only email campaigns you can run without them being spam are to customers who have recently purchased from you.