Microsoft Is Once Again Violating Anti-Trust Laws

Basically Microsoft is denying allowing Mozilla Firefox to operate on it’s version of Windows that is ARM-based, in other words, the version of Windows that works with ARM Microprocessors. Microsoft cites ridiculously foolish reasons why they are blocking Firefox:

ARM processors, which power virtually all iOS, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets today, are different from the x86 chips that power PCs. The chips have new requirements for security and power management, and Microsoft is the only one who can meet those needs.
Windows RT — the version of Windows 8 geared for ARM devices — “isn’t Windows anymore.”

Seriously? Does Microsoft think we’re all stupid? What operating system has the absolute worst record when it comes to security? Windows.
What qualifies Microsoft to dare cite security requirements as a reason to block Firefox? Nothing.
What qualifies Microsoft as a better authority of ARM chips than say Apple? Absolutely Nothing. In fact, it is highly likely that Microsoft has FAR LESS experience with ARM chips than Apple, so using Microsoft’s twisted logic, Microsoft should allow Apple to manage Windows RT security and power management.

Furthermore, what does it matter if Windows RT is anything like Windows? It doesn’t. Unless things give, you will soon be saying hello to a renewed vigor in the lawsuits against Microsoft.

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