On-site or in the shop? How do you want your computer repaired and serviced? Our Alpharetta Computer Service and Repair company will do both, and we provide on-site computer services for no additional charge in many Alpharetta, GA areas. Of course, there are times that on-site computer service is impractical, and vice versa, but many computer service and repair problems can be handled either way.

For example, if your computer is running slow, the computer won’t startup, the computer gives you errors, the computer has a virus or trojan, or the computer crashes a lot, we can repair that on-site or in the shop. However if you are concerned that your computer’s wireless network may be insecure, or if your computer is having Internet connection issues, or you want to setup a data backup system for your computer, those situations are best serviced or repaired on-site. On the other hand, a computer data recovery job or computer virus repair / removal is best handled in the shop due to the amount of computer processing time required. That said, most computer virus removals can be repaired or serviced on-site but will occasionally require extended on-site stays to properly clean your computer and network from the infection.

No matter how you choose to proceed with the repair, on-site or in-shop, Excessive Computing can provide you top-notch computer repair service, network services, and computer data recovery services for your Alpharetta based company or small business.