So Many Technical Services Alpharetta GA – How Are We Qualified In All Of Them?

Good Question. Lets start by qualifying the history of the owner of Excessive Computing. He is an Electronics Engineer who grew up with computers and exploring programming at an early age, started soldering and working with electronics before age 15, worked as a Computer Tech after high-school. He then interned with a small phone service company as an Electronic Technician while in college, obtained an Electronics Engineering Degree, and custom designed and developed numerous hardware and software packages through 2004 to 2010. These things alone qualify us for computer repair, support and installation of telephone systems, electronics repairs, and software development.

Continued growth in the technology fields has lead to enhancements in these fields, which have branched into some of the service categories mentioned in the services pages such as LCD Monitor & TV repair, POS servicing, laptop screen repair, PCI Compliance, Network and Telephone services, and Network and Server Administration. Some of these specific fields were developed in response to customer needs.

We strive to provide a complete solution for our customers, from phones and internet to data recovery and backup. Whatever you need, we will help you achieve it while realizing lower costs.