Verizon Is Upsetting Their Long-Term Loyal Customers

The title may be a bit dramatic, but it’s true, and I’m one of them. I have had Verizon for nearly 4 years now, and have 2 grandfathered Unlimited data plans. I plan on keeping them. However, Verizon is going to be killing off the Unlimited plan in favor of the new 4G LTE Data Share Plan.

I am NOT happy with this proposal. Why? Three reasons:
1) I need unlimited. I use over 10GB a month because 3G is my only source of internet at home (in the boonies) and I work in Information Technology!
2) 4G LTE network does not extend to my home or anywhere within a 20 mile circle.
3) I don’t like limits. It means more crap I have to track and my life is already too busy to bother with keeping track of how much data I use, which means I’m going to end up spending more on my already ridiculously expensive cell phone bill.

So Verizon, here’s hoping you read this and get my point before you attempt to force me into something I don’t want and I am forced to cancel your services.