Comcast Finally Ditches Bandwidth Cap

Comcast has finally decided it’s a bad idea to have a 250GB cap, citing that it gave the wrong idea. David L. Cohen, executive vice president for Comcast, said “We didn’t like the message that we were giving our customers with the static 250GB cap. Now, we are sending a signal to our customers that we want them to use our broadband service and to feel free to use it for all lawful purposes. We want them to subscribe to Netflix and stream Youtube and use Skype to their life’s content without worrying about hitting some artificial data cap that results in them losing their service.”

So feel free to download all you like, just don’t be surprised if you get hit with extra fees if you’re a very heavy user.

Now lets be honest, a home user just isn’t going to hit a 300GB limit unless they are downloading movies, software, etc. on a constant basis every day. I know. My bandwidth is logged and I stream about 2 to 3 shows a night and rarely ever use more than 10GB in a month…