Software We Do NOT Recommend

There are a number of common software picks we do not recommend to our users. These negative recommendations are due to repetitive negative experiences by our customer base or where we have repetitively seen damage done to a customer systems due to usage of the software.

Uniblue Registry Booster
This software package has, on many occasions on different customer computer systems, caused the corruption of the registry. How do we know? There are ways to identify what occurred and what caused it, and we were able to identify this application as the cause. The corrupted the registry causes the computer not to boot up into Windows. As soon as we restore a backup of the registry, the computer boots up just fine. We highly recommend you do NOT use this program, and we recommend you Not to use any registry cleaner that runs all the time.

Norton Antivirus or Internet Security
Norton Antivirus and Internet Security has, for the last 6 years, been abysmal. You likely don’t know it, but it is drastically slowing down your PC. I urge you to remove it and switch to FREE Comodo Internet Security.